Råhandel is an online farmersmarket connecting the small, locale producers with restaurants in the city.

I’ve developed their photographic identity as well as guiding them with their social media presence. 


In collaboration with Råhandel, I’ve developed a set of guidelines for the product shots for the webshop. Råhandel has a professional photographer that can be hired to come take the pictures, however, the style is fairly easy to do for the producers themselves as well. 

Here are a few examples shot by Kristian Ridder-Nielsen and edited by me.


Råhandel will, as part of their branding strategy, tell the stories about some of the microproducers in various formats; photography, video, articles etc. 

These images are part of a test shoot we did at Stensbølgård.

Shot by Kristian Ridder-Nielsen and edited by me.

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