Sýsl Magazine

Here is my final project at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

I set out to create a new, digital editorial format for modern crafting, directed towards a young, female audience.

My solution provided a tutorial-library for the user to achieve basic knowledge within the subject, as well as a digital magazine with articles, photo spreads and patterns.

Each issue of the magazine would be build around a theme, to provide context, depth and relevance. Examples of themes could be: a country – looking into culture, tradition and crafting, a colour, a genre of crafting etc.

The theme of this issue is focused on the feelings; Calm & Restless .

When it's all digital

I wanted to take advantage of the project being entirely digital. I therefor decided to use the technique of moving stills/cinemagraphs as the foundation of the creative process in making the fashion editorial.

However magical it is, there’s still an issue with exporting the gifs in a reasonable size while maintaining a level of quality, since they easily can turn into huge files – making them very slow to load. 


Sýsl is all about giving people access to information, guides and inspiration. 
Here follows a tutorial on how to create your own kimono. This format was thought to be a medium-length video, making room for both smaller formats focusing on single techniques, hacks and such, as well as larger formats with more complex guides.

Content in context

The magazine would contain a variety of articles related to the theme of the issue. 
For the Calm & Restless theme I looked into why people craft and which benefits it provides. Through my empiri I experienced an ongoing theme in the response of why people craft. A main factor was to deal with either stress, depression or similar illness.

For this issue I created a series of images interpreting the feeling of depression to be part of an interview-based article.

Branding video

To advertise the magazine I developed the concept for a series of short brand videos that where to be shared on relevant social media platforms.

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