WerHaus x B&O

Images, film and interview were published in an article about sound, design and craftsmanship in the B&O Play Journal.

Created in collaboration with Mikkel Inumineq.

In an old furniture warehouse in the heart of Barcelona, you will find the newly established Wer-Haus – a rallying point for those who love art, food and fashion.

The Gallery

When entering Wer-Haus you’re met by a small contemporary photography exhibition space.

Nicolas, one of the founders of Wer-Haus, explains: “Architecturally speaking most of the buildings of Barcelona are made like this, you have a tight and long entrance that usually leads to a bigger space. We had to use this long corridor with high ceilings and the idea came up to create the gallery.

There’s so much local and international artists who are doing incredible work and miss a place get exposure for their work. The initial idea was to create this space to welcome them. A place that was missing in our city and where we want to go.

The Library

Further on there’s a small selection of various publications by international publishers, self-published authors and more. 

We do not follow a defined criteria when selecting books for the library,  although almost all the books we have are projects that we know . The most important thing is that their thematic interests us, Nicolas explains. 

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The Café

At the end of the hallway you’re met by the pleasant sent of newly baked croissants. The café is in a minimalistic Scandinavian style with more plants that you can count.

The initial idea from the beginning was to open the space and give it this industrial style. We also insisted on the importance of light and comfort, and designed Wer-Haus to be functional and modern.

Together with the Paris-based Café Coutume they’ve created a selection of foods and drinks that are simple and in season. To reach the standards of the new coffee scene in Barcelona, they took in Alex as barista and coffee-connoisseur: “Alex is dedicated to the cause, treating the Wer-Haus Synesso Cyncra machine like a loyal, lifelong friend.” 

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The Boutique

Finally, on the top of a small stairway, is their boutique with menswear inspired by the creative avant-garde and street culture. Nothing has been left to coincidence and everything is arranged in a tight, minimalistic setup. The selection of clothing and accessories is as thought out as the rest of the space, it’s sleek and subtle while still standing out. Nicolas: “Our brands have been chosen as an answer to the will to express oneself, creating a coherent route towards a more sophisticated look by taking into account reality and holding on to the concept of the confident man.

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